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The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design

The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design
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The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design

On over 400 pages, editor Michael Köckritz, author Jürgen Lewandowski
and photographer Michel Zumbrunn get up close and personal with the
Ferrari phenomenon: its beauty and sex appeal, its class and power

Readers will learn about not only the most popular models, but also
the most important designers who have shaped Ferrari. Including many
exciting stories and anecdotes surrounding the legendary brand and its
automotive icons. The attractive design by Charles Blunier & Co. and
a clean, uncluttered layout ensure the proper presentation worthy of
the vehicles from Maranello

Success is not founded on miracles, but is almost always the product
of a clear concept—the pinnacle of an ambitious, even stridently
innovative idea. However, the aura of Ferrari does indeed approach the
miraculous. What lies behind this phenomenon? What is the source of
fascination for a brand whose creative designs are internationally
recognized and enthusiastically received? First, even today—70 years
after the company was founded—the miracle of Ferrari is still due in
large part to the personality of Il Commendatore, Enzo Ferrari.
Patience, passion, and being hard on himself and those around him gave
the brand, under the emblem of the Cavallino Rampante, the power to
become what it is today: sheer fascination on four wheels. Second, the
long list of international racing victories is equally important. There
is no class, no competition, that Ferrari did not set its sights on and
win more or less immediately during the company’s last 70 years.
Finally, Ferrari is synonymous with aesthetics, elegance, and
trend-setting design. The true value of a brand and its products is
measured in the currency of impassioned devotion. This is the third and
perhaps most vital element confirming the Ferrari miracle: The Ferrari Book – Passion for Design traces the evolution of the miracle and lets us experience passion given automotive form in a large and engrossing format


29 x 37 cm

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